Updates! (at last)

Wooo. More tech troubles kept deleting my progress. However I have emerged triumphant.

New Members

Critical Miss and Retro Joad 

Critical Miss and Retro Joad


Yume Cosplay

New Groups



Canadian Cosplayers in the Media

If you have a link to Canadian cosplayers in the media (news websites, youtube, newspapers, etc) please let me know, I’ll be happy to plug it up here on Wednesdays.

oxox Calamity


Sorry for the Delay

First off let me say sorry that I’ve missed a couple updates. There’s been some family health issues, tech issues and then other tech issues then more family issues. *deep breath*


I’ll be updating the backlog of applications this evening, and roll out PHASE II of CanCosplay: which is promotions. Once a week, I’ll be randomly selecting a member of CanCosplay and do up a fancy little profile on them on the blog complete with a little bio and some fancy pictures.

So thanks again for your patience, we’ll be up and rolling soon!

xox A very apologetic Calamity


We are now back up to speed with all emails responded to. If you don’t see yourself up here but you did send an email, please let me know!

Also updated:

  • Divided Cosplayer pages by Region so Central doesn’t keep swallowing the others (sorry Praries, Maritimes and West. Spread the word! grow! overtake Central!)
  • Added Cosplayer Groups page. This is for if you work regularly with a group of other cosplayers, or compete as a team. Please see the Join! page for more info.


Update – Jan 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

The update last night fell behind due to some technical problems, but everyone is now up, although one photo will have to wait until lunch for me to add. (Sorry!)

Continuing the awesome trend of including Non-Central cosplayers we have two new cosplayers, one from either coast.

  • JessickaZombie (East)
  • *ageha (West)

We’ve also started adding Photographers:

  • Amaleigh Photography
  • Pose4Effect
  • Stephane LaRoche
  • Eleventh Photograph

If you know any photographers who like working with Cosplayers, please point them this way, it’d be much appreciated!

oxox Calamity

Update – Jan 20, 2014

Happy Monday!

I updated the cosplayer list last night to include the following lovely people. The photographer List will follow tonight, because I have to get a couple more details from some photogs before I put their submissions up on the site. So thanks for being patient!

  • Amaleigh
  • Eebanee
  • Scarlet
  • Tender
  • And our first West-Coaster: Tatterhood!

I’m glad that we’ve got some people from across the country now, but I’m greedy and want ALL THE COSPLAYERS. Even the ones up in the Arctic. Though, I imagine there’s some unique aspects to Arctic cosplay…

Also Chibi Lenne, I’ve fixed your link. Sorry! ❤

Have a great week!

oxox Calamity

Calling Cosplay Photographers and Event Organizers

To all Cosplay-friendly Photographers and Cosplay Event organizers, we want you! We cosplayers know that without your hard work we’d never have more than grainy selfies in costume, taken in our bathroom mirrors. Probably with a cat in the background. At least in my case.

But enough of that, if you’re interested in appearing on CanCosplay in a listing similar to our current Cosplayer List, please check out the submission details on our Join CanCosplay page, and send me an email with all your details so I can advertise you to our lovely cosplayers.

In addition to what’s listed, if you have a logo, please attach it as either a .jpg or .png file that’s 200×200 pixels or larger. If you have multiple logos, please send me the vertical/square orientation. Thanks!

xox Calamity

Update – Jan 13, 2014


First off, sorry this update happened Monday evening instead of Sunday like I’d scheduled. I had a very poorly timed bout of food poisoning.

However! The Cosplayer List page has now been updated to include the following amazing people who sent in submissions over the last week and a bit.

  • Eliptika
  • Akufadum
  • Nomadic Goldfish
  • Bossbot
  • Trixieloupwolf
  • Lasiral
  • Nathan DeLuca
  • Shushuwafflez
  • LalaKosply
  • WildRose
  • YunaDaKilla
  • Mahogany
  • Tamar Wolfe
  • Jayuna
  • MDA Cosplay
  • Celtic Sakura
  • Chibi Lenne
  • Lady Cosplay
  • Ragz

whew! That’s a lot. We now also have cosplayers from the Prairies and East Coast.

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who’s hopped on board, and especially to everyone who sent notes of support and thanks with their submissions 🙂 I’m glad to see that the community was looking for something like this site.

oxox Calamity