Sorry for the Delay

First off let me say sorry that I’ve missed a couple updates. There’s been some family health issues, tech issues and then other tech issues then more family issues. *deep breath*


I’ll be updating the backlog of applications this evening, and roll out PHASE II of CanCosplay: which is promotions. Once a week, I’ll be randomly selecting a member of CanCosplay and do up a fancy little profile on them on the blog complete with a little bio and some fancy pictures.

So thanks again for your patience, we’ll be up and rolling soon!

xox A very apologetic Calamity


We are now back up to speed with all emails responded to. If you don’t see yourself up here but you did send an email, please let me know!

Also updated:

  • Divided Cosplayer pages by Region so Central doesn’t keep swallowing the others (sorry Praries, Maritimes and West. Spread the word! grow! overtake Central!)
  • Added Cosplayer Groups page. This is for if you work regularly with a group of other cosplayers, or compete as a team. Please see the Join! page for more info.



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